Seeking Code Review for Rust Terminal Game "Viper" | Linux Environment | Rust Beginner

I'm excited to share my first-ever Rust project, a terminal game called "Viper." As a beginner in Rust, I've put in my best efforts to create an enjoyable gaming experience, specifically designed for Linux environments. Now, I would greatly appreciate the expertise and guidance of this wonderful Rust user community for code review and suggestions on how to enhance my game.

Your valuable insights and suggestions can help me become a better Rust developer and elevate Viper to new heights. So, if you have some time to spare, please dive into the code and let me know your thoughts. Feel free to propose new features or recommend any libraries that could make Viper even more captivating.

I'm grateful for this supportive community and the opportunity to learn from experienced Rust developers like you. Thank you in advance for your time and expertise!

Here is the repository for the same
github :link:

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