Seeking a solution for cross-compiling from Win10 to Ubuntu server, preserving only executable files and select static files

Dev setup: Windows 10 + cargo
Target server: Ubuntu 22.04

Project structure: Static files related to respective .rs files are organized within subdirectories under the src folder in the cargo project, instead of being placed in a dedicated ‘static’ directory.

Question: What’s the optimal approach to cross-compile and deploy this setup to the server with just the executable(s) and specific static files?

Found the solution in the如何交叉编译到服务器上只保留可执行文件和若干静态文件 - Rust语言中文社区) Chinese forum, cross(GitHub - cross-rs/cross: “Zero setup” cross compilation and “cross testing” of Rust crates) is used for cross compilation, and rust-embed(GitHub - pyrossh/rust-embed: Rust Macro which loads files into the rust binary at compile time during release and loads the file from the fs during dev.) is used for static file packaging.

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