Searching for Professionell Rust Programmers

Hey guys, iam actualy new here and working as a trainee on a very big Nft project.
i want to make my ceo's proud and show them that iam able to help when its needed so am i actually
trying to help them to find a very professionelle Rust Programmer for our Company, where should i search ?

  • You should stop using a made-up name (use your real name).
  • You should link to somewhere people know who you are, like your LinkedIn or website.
  • "A very big NFT" project means nothing. I mean even the first pyramid scheme was super big...
    Use real names, put links to your company's website.
  • Although it's not strictly necessary, a recruiter with super broken English doesn't give a good impression - so perhaps Duolingo?

If you are seriously interested in recruiting, please behave like a normal recruiter. The way you are going at this is only going to work in dark web chatrooms for devs in desperate needs of a job.


We're glad to see that you're interested in hiring Rust programmers, but the users board isn't a great place to do it. If you want to advertise a job offer, instead of posting it here, post it in the This Week in Rust newsletter.