SDL2 + Canvas borrowing


I am trying to write a game component in sdl2. I want to pass the canvas to it but the borrow checker wont let me do that. I want my component to get an immutable borrow in its contructor and then use canvas to create textures and draw but when i try to use canvas in my calling method it wants a mutable borrow. Im guessing this ia common thing and im just not getting my head around it:

extern crate sdl2;

use sdl2::render::Canvas;
use sdl2::video::{Window};

pub struct Snow<'a> {
    particles: u32,
    canvas: &'a Canvas<Window>

impl<'a> Snow<'a> {
    pub fn new(parts: u32, canvas: &'a Canvas<Window>) -> Self {
        Snow {
            particles: parts,
            canvas: canvas

And then use it like:

let mut canvas = window.into_canvas()

let snow1 = Snow::new(12, &canvas);

canvas.set_draw_color(Color::RGB(0,0,0));  <- blows up here .. cannot borrow mutable

Is the snow object holding a reference to the canvas a showstopper? should i instead pass the canvas with each render call on a component or something? any pointers would be appreciated. That or a link to some established codebase that is showing component based game building using rust and sdl2… :stuck_out_tongue:


That sounds like a good solution.