Scripting languages or compilers

I don't know it is a right question here or not.
I want to know, language like Rust-Lang can be useful for write hacking tools? Nowadays, most of hacking tools written in Python, Ruby or other scripting languages.

Thank you.

Rust is good for writing fast and robust command-line tools. It's a general-purpose language, so theoretically it could do anything Python or Ruby do.

Whether it's a better choice than Python or Ruby it depends on the task. Scripting languages are usually easier and quicker to write, so if you're experimenting and editing a program a lot, you may prefer non-compiled language. OTOH if you had a task that involves more low-level operations, compression, encryption, searching of binary data, then Rust's execution speed may be an advantage.

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It's impossible to answer that question unless you state exactly what it is you want to hack.

Common law has it that there are many so called "script kiddies" hacking all kinds of things using snippets of scripting languages they have found on the net.

But if you want to really find new bugs and vulnerabilities in software you are going to have to be smarter than that.

For example, watch this guy fuzzing software: if you have some hours to spare.

Fuzzing demands performance. To that end he writes his fuzzers in Rust.

By the way, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with advising people how to hack things.

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Thank you.
Consider a program like It is 132 lines of code and if anyone want to rewrite it in Rust-Lang then how many lines of code are needed?

If lines of code vs Python is your criteria for choosing an programming language then Rust is not for you.

Rust has other priorities.

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I want to know has Rust-Lang similar libraries for doing the same task?

No idea.

The only "odd" library I see in the link you posted is lib.bruter.

I have no idea what that does but it sounds like it's doing a silly brute force attack on passwords.

As such I'm not about to tell you what I know about it.

I can only hope you find something more interesting to do with your time.


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