Scoped threads: std or crossbeam

Now that scoped threads are stable in std, should I reach for these in the first instance, or are there reasons to prefer those provided by crossbeam?


No, in fact, as far as I’m aware, the std implementation should be better (more lightweight) since it can use some internals of how std::thread works. Also, it managed to come with a (usable) API where you don’t have to pass the scope into spawned threads via closure arguments, i.e. s.spawn(|s| /* use `s` here, too */) (crossbeam) vs s.spawn(|| /* use `s` here, too */) (std); and in particular s.spawn(|_| /* I don't even need `s` here */) (crossbeam) vs s.spawn(|| /* I don't even need `s` here */) (std)

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FWIW, I've had a much better experience with rayon::scope (and more generally rayon::ThreadPool::scope) than with either crossbeam directly or the "new" std::thread::scope.

It's a larger dependency for sure.

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