Science simulations

I am experimenting with rust for writing a simulation which uses a lot of physic. I found some crates for game programming, collision detection and numerical simulations but no crates for physic or chemical fundamentals. Currently I am searching for a library calculating properties of gases like partial pressure.

Am I wrong or is this a area which isn't highly developed yet? I didn't even found a site 'are we science yet?' :smiley:


Your study is right, it's not a very well-developed territory at the moment. If you try to write science software in Rust, expect to go more slowly than you would in another language due to missing some language features (e.g. const generics) and overall immaturity of the library ecosystem (foundations like linear algebra and FFT are slowly becoming solid, but everything above is mostly TODO).

On the flip side, if you do decide to jump in anyway, this immaturity also means that you can more easily get community recognition for your contributions and feel the excitement of approaching a certain problem in a new way. As the author of nom once wrote, uncharted territory can be exciting if you approach it from a certain mindset.