Scheduling on a crossbeam bounded channel

I hope it's OK that I'm asking for help on a design, not code.

I've got a worker taking requests from a number of clients, each of which puts work items on a finite size queue. Clients block when trying to put an item to a full queue. When the worker takes an item from the queue, it selects one of the blocked clients. I just realized that my selection algorithm is biased. I can try to figure out how to do that better, but a crossbeam bounded channel might do the selection for me.

Say that I change my code to use a MPSC bounded crossbeam channel for the queue. If a number of clients are blocked on a full channel, what happens when the worker removes an item? I'd like to select clients in the order they attempted to post items. Is that what a crossbeam bounded channel does?

I don't know, but my guess is that it is not fair. To be sure, you could ask on the crossbeam github.