Sccache installed with Rust 1.48 doesn't work

Congratulations on the release of Rust 1.48.0 :tada:

However, after updating in my environment, I found a problem, so I would like to report it.

After updating Rust, I reinstalled sccache with cargo install. The installation itself completed successfully, but when I try to start sccache it doesn't work. :disappointed_relieved:
As described below.

$ sccache --start-server
Starting sccache server...
error: Timed out waiting for server startup

Same results on Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 on WSL and Ubuntu 20.04 on VirtualBox on Windows 10.

I used to install it with Rust 1.47.0 and it worked fine :thinking:

Can you think of anything?

Reverting to 1.47.0 gave the same result :disappointed_relieved:

$ rustup install 1.47.0

Sorry for the inaccurate report...

Sometimes it succeeded, but now it fails again.
It seems that the operation is unstable :pensive:

No no.
I didn't switch to 1.47.0. :flushed:

$ rustup default 1.47.0

(Calm me :sweat:)

I switched to 1.47.0 and reinstalled sccache and it worked.
After all it seems that it doesn't work when building with 1.48.0.

With the release of sccache v0.2.14, sccache seems to work even if installed with cargo install on Rust 1.48.0.
Thank you :smile:

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