Sccache installed with Rust 1.48 doesn't work

Congratulations on the release of Rust 1.48.0 :tada:

However, after updating in my environment, I found a problem, so I would like to report it.

After updating Rust, I reinstalled sccache with cargo install. The installation itself completed successfully, but when I try to start sccache it doesn't work. :disappointed_relieved:
As described below.

$ sccache --start-server
Starting sccache server...
error: Timed out waiting for server startup

Same results on Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 on WSL and Ubuntu 20.04 on VirtualBox on Windows 10.

I used to install it with Rust 1.47.0 and it worked fine :thinking:

Can you think of anything?

Reverting to 1.47.0 gave the same result :disappointed_relieved:

$ rustup install 1.47.0

Sorry for the inaccurate report...

Sometimes it succeeded, but now it fails again.
It seems that the operation is unstable :pensive:

No no.
I didn't switch to 1.47.0. :flushed:

$ rustup default 1.47.0

(Calm me :sweat:)

I switched to 1.47.0 and reinstalled sccache and it worked.
After all it seems that it doesn't work when building with 1.48.0.