Saving or printing a topic - (NOT) missing replies

An excellent post that I wanted to preserve. However it has replies etc that I want to expand and include.

Update: Originally I thought I was missing replies but couldn't print them. Turns out those reply segments were duplicates of content in the main topic flow, so I don't need to attempt to expand the replies sections. One recommendation is to append /print to the main topic URL, but several other techniques are also mentioned below. Thank you community!

Works OK on screen in both chrome and edge but no matter what I try to print or save in mobile or desktop view, print to PDF, share, save as web page complete etc. etc. there are gaps where the replies should be expanded.

Ideally I wish to have a PDF of the whole topic so that I can annotate afterwards to highlight bits for my colleagues without a risk the topic will disappear in 3 months.

Here is what I've managed to obtain:

Here are the steps I've followed to achieve that:

  1. Go to and paste the link of the thread

    • (Nevermind the French there, the idea is that you get a quick preview of the result of rendering that website on mobile done by Google, with two meaningful links at the top right: HTML, and "Rendering preview / screenshot"
  2. Click on HTML and then on the clipboard sign:

  3. Crate a new .html file with the clipboard contents and open it:

    • On macOS:

      pbpaste | tee "$(mktemp)".html && open $_
    • On Linux systems with xclip and xdg-open:

      xclip -o -selection clipboard | tee "$(mktemp)".html && xdg-open $_
    • Obviously, be careful not to overwrite the html clipboard contents with that of these very commands :smile:

  4. Print / save as PDF

    Or, if you don't mind a .html format, you could just keep the .html file rather than the rendered .pdf: this way you won't have, for instance, the annoying page breaks.

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Thank you for all your efforts Yandros. It is appreciated.

Update: As you noted, I don't need to expand the replies so your technique or browser save to PDF gather all the topic content without gaps.

Original text snipped as now irrelevant.

If I append /print to the URL like so, I get an option to print/save what looks like all 15 replies.

Culled from here.


You mean the quotes such as the one I've just done? The full post can always be found within a previous post; so while getting the option to display the full message inline can be nice every once in a while (especially for a very long thread and a far-fetched quote), I personally wouldn't consider that paramount / mandatory. I guess discourse, in and of itself, thinks the same way since indeed neither option allows to get fully expanded quotes (I still think that it would be a bit too redundant to have full posts appearing multiple times in the same thread)

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