I’ve rewritten and redeployed the script, which is used to download and install Rust as a shell one-liner:

$ curl -sf | sudo sh

The new revision lives in its own repo and is based off the multirust source (and in turn the next multirust should be based off of, but can still be accessed via

The interface is the same. The major features added by this rewrite are the ability to correctly download the installer from release channels, and automatic signature verification. It has one regression in that the --save flag does not currently cache downloads for later reuse, but I’ll add that back soon.

Let me know if you see any other regressions.


I just realized that users who were making use of --save before will run into the error “rustup home dir exists at $rustup_dir but version file $version_file does not.” because there is no upgrade path for rustup metadata. At first glance adding that upgrade path is not trivial, though it is possible. Deleting ~/.rustup will work around it.


Woohoo, a rustupup! …