Rustup/Multirust equivalent for compiling from source


I’m a huge fan of Rust the language, and even more, Rust the community.

Lately, I’ve been trying to develop against both stable and nightly, and I’d like to use a toolchain multiplexer like Rustup/Multirust. However, I don’t see an option in those tools to build from source. As the build infrastructure is apparently still insecure, installing pre-compiled binaries is not an option.

I’ve looked on this forum, the forum, github, and other places. I don’t see a build multiplexer for building from source. Should I roll my own, or have I just overlooked an option somewhere? Thanks!


Do you want to build rustup from source, or do you want to build compiler from source and use that with rustup?

For rustup itself, just running cargo run --relese should build it.

To add a custom toolchain compiled from source you should be able to use rustup toolchain link command.