Rustup command not found error in terminal

when i type rustup update to get rust updated the terminal prompt me
rustup command not found or something like that. help me out

You need to install rustup. If you've already installed it, you need to add it to your PATH.

how to install rustup???

Use Google or another search engine with the phrase "how to install rustup"

2 Likes has what you need to get started.

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Such answers are not welcoming to new users. Let's be better than StackOverflow.


How did you installed Rust, in the first place? It seems that you wasn't using rustup for this.

My reply to the OP's question was not meant as sarcastic; it's what I personally did after reading their post, and found a number of useful answers. However I can see how others might have found my reply to be somewhat snippy. Apologies.


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