Rustup 1.3.0 released

rustup 1.3.0 is out. To upgrade run rustup self update.

This is a rather modest bugfix update.


Contributors: bors, Brian Anderson, Diggory Blake, Greg Alexander, James Elford,
Jordan Hiltunen, Justin Noah, Kang Seonghoon, Kevin K, Marco A L Barbosa


Thank you very much for this update - Rustup is now working again on FreeBSD. FreeBSD users on rustup 1.2.0 will need to re-run curl -sSf | sh to pull the new version directly as rustup self update won't be able to grab it.

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Oh great! I generally have no idea which non-x86, non-Linux/Windows/Mac builds of rustup actually work. It would be great to beef up the rustup CI to cover more platforms, maybe using trust. Sadly FreeBSD is hard to test.

Will there be a tag/release for this on Github? The package on Arch Linux grabs the source from the release, so I don't think I can reasonably flag the package as out of date unless a tag is published :slight_smile:

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Technically git tag isn't needed. If a new release is officially released, it's perfectly fine to report outdated versions to Arch Linux (and there is a form where you can provide details about new release if needed, I actually just reported a new version of rustup and linked to this forum).

Anyway, rustup 1.3.0 is now tagged after making an issue in rustup bug tracker (