Rustrations Club: share your Rust frustrations!

Announcing a new Integer 32 side project: Rustrations Club! After hearing stories about new users getting frustrated with Rust and giving up, we wanted to make a way that we could get feedback from frustrated folks in order to make informed suggestions for improvements to the language, documentation, and ecosystem.

We won't fix your problem (at least not yet, we have some plans for future enhancements to the site) or try and talk you into sticking with Rust, or tell you you're doing it wrong, or that you should RTFM-- nothing like that. This is just a way for you to send your frustrations out into the world to help us ease frustrations of future Rustaceans.

Please join the club!


I don't know if it'll be any use, but it feels good ranting anonymously (about missing NLL in my case). Thanks !

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I got an error message from Formspree.
You probably need to confirm the email that's used to collect the forms (submission at domain).
I hope my submission is not lost.

Ugghhhh I diiiiiid I'll do it again

Strange, it says the form submission was from, not I wonder if their net-neutrality thing messed it up....