RustNationUK-adjacent clippy workshop

Are you in London on Thursday 16th (the first day of RustNation 23 and still lack a workshop? Are you too advanced for the beginner's training, but don't feel like building yet another async runtime? You always found compiler internals fascinating, but never felt confident enough to mess with them?

bloop generously allow us to use their offices in London EC1M 4NB to host our very own clippy workshop! We have 24 seats available which will be offered for free first come first served to those pinging me at twitter (@llogiq), reddit (/u/llogiq), here or elsewhere. I'll update the post once all seats are taken.

The workshop will be held from 9AM to 1PM and 2PM to 4PM. Wifi and power will be available, please bring your own laptop. We'll pair you up to work on clippy issues together supported by the Rust bard himself.

Note: This is not an official RustNationUK workshop. We uphold the RustLang CoC.

Update: We are now 7 people.


Two more things:

Apparently it's unclear what ping means. You can send me a personal message or add a comment here.

Also in case you feel that you're not advanced enough, don't worry, we have introductory issues to work on, too.

Another update: We are now 10 people. That's definitely enough to do the workshop, but we still have room for more participants. The registration will be open until Tuesday 14th 22pm GMT.

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