Rustlings questions removed?

Recently there was a topic about a rustlings exercise,, in this group. I made a reply with some code and in my code was some "errors" in my comments and in my thinking. After eating, sleeping, and working my day job a couple of times, I decided to come here and "fix" my mistake in my post. But I can not seem to find the topic? Do the topics with rustlings answers get deleted? I don't see any message telling me my post was deleted. I also can not seem to find the topic or any other "rustlings" topics when I search.

This topic?

(found using search)

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You may find your activity feed useful for such things...

It can be reached by clicking your avatar.

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Well that is embarrassing.

I was searching by "Relevance" and the word "rustlings" I even included the file name "as_ref_mut" but see now that the OP has the file name as "as_mu_ref" in text.

Thank you both for the help, and everyone else that had to read this thread for putting up with the noise.


When I search for things on this forum, it's usually relatively recent things (and certainly not 5 year old things), so I almost always end up hitting the "expanded search" button and changing "relevance" to "latest post".