Rustler connect to scylla database

I am trying to implement a function which can scrappe data from scylla database but i am getting error.
Can anyone tell me how to do it?

If you can share the full error message you are seeing (i.e. the output from cargo), we might be able to provide suggestions.

When i got error, i tried to solve then another error came.can you write a simple method to get data from scylla database?
Please write a simple function in rust to get user from scylla database to elixir by using rustler?

The scylla crate's documentation contains several examples of making queries. If you are using the scylla crate, did any of them work for you?

Also, if you are running into an error, please share the source code and the full error message. It's a bit hard to help when all I've got to go on is "When I got error, I tried to solve then another error came". You are probably really close, but nobody can help because they don't have any information about the error that occurred, the code you are running, or what you think is going on.

Why not just use cassandra driver for elixir?

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