RUSTFLAGS via cargo

When I compile using Raspbian I need to set
export RUSTFLAGS=-Ccodegen-units=1

I tried to add a section in Cargo.toml

rustflags = ["-C","codegen-units=1"]

I also tried

[target.'cfg(all(target_arch="arm", target_os="linux"))']
rustflags = ["-C","codegen-units=1"]

I take the config from Cargo doc:

linker = "arm-none-eabi-gcc"
runner = "my-emulator"
rustflags = ["…", "…"]

[target.'cfg(all(target_arch = "arm", target_os = "none"))']
runner = "my-arm-wrapper"
rustflags = ["…", "…"]

I always got a warning:
warning: unused manifest key: target.cfg(all(target_arch = "arm", target_os = "none")).rustflags

Any advice's ?


These options need to go into a .cargo/config file (or $CARGO_HOME/config, see the first part on Cargo book - Configuration).

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You can also set codegen-units in profiles.

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Thanks I tried both and it works ! :+1:

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