RustFest Zurich 2017 — who's going?

Hi everybody,

RustFest Zurich kicks off on Saturday! :smiley: I'll be at the conference and am looking forward to meeting lots of other Rust developers. I live in Zurich and will be happy to provide tips on things like restaurants, bars, etc...

Who else is going?

I am going. Its my first RustFest and I am looking forward to it.

I've never met another Rust developer and so I am wondering what they are like :slight_smile:

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I'll be there!

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I'll be there too :sushing_face:

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same here!

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I'll be there and will probably ask you for some restaurant tips at some point :slight_smile:

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I'll be there, too. It's been a while since I've been to Züri, so I may use some restaurant tips, too.

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Here you go! :slight_smile: I started a list with my favorite restaurants and bars some years ago and have been adding to it ever since. As you can tell, this is a list for going out on weekends to spoil yourself – I hope it'll prove useful to someone here!


  • Eisenhof: this small and old place has great and fairly cheap steaks that you grill yourself on a hot stone. Gasometerstrasse 20,

  • Prime Steak House: this is the place to go if you want to try a Bison steak from a charcoal grill. Their spare ribs are also good. Rebgasse 8,

  • King's Cave: elegant restaurant with very tasty steaks, great sauces and as many fries as you can eat. Central 1, Central Plaza Hotel Zürich.

  • Aura: excellent steaks, burgers, salads, and cocktails in an elegant restaurant… what more can you wish for? It can be pricy, but it’s delicious. Bleicherweg 5, AURA Grill & Bar - AURA - Grill | Bar | Event Saal | Club.

  • Vis-á-Vis: if you find yourself craving some good meat and are near Paradeplatz, then try this excellent bistro. They have all-you-can-eat roast beef, accompanied by crispy fries, vegetables, and great sauces. Talstrasse 40,

  • Brisket: slow-cooked BBQ as they do it in Southern Texas. Very tender, very flavourful meat. They make good cocktails too. Pfingstweidstrasse 6,

  • Napulé: great and authentic pizza, just like they make them in Naples, Italy. The Neapolitan style of pizza has a more soft and spongy crust compared to crisp pizzas served elsewhere. Kirchgasse 59 in Meilen, 044 923 02 02, Napulé Pizzeria | Meilen.

  • Il Salotto: amazing and authentic Italian pasta dishes, mostly from the Tuscany area. The Bistecca Fiorentina is great, as is the home-made limoncello after the meal. Zentralstrasse 161,

  • Don Leone: very nice if slightly chaotic pizzeria. Bäckerstrasse 31 (more central) or Waffenplatzstrasse 15,

  • Piadina Bar: freshly made piadinas (flat bread sandwiches with cheese and ham) from Northern Italy. Great place to visit for lunch. Niederdorfstrasse 2.

  • Helvti Diner: American diner concept with great burgers and fries. Stauffacher, Urania, and Stadelhofen,

  • The Bite: great burgers, but you should book in advance if you want to go there on Friday or Saturday. Brauerstrasse 15,

  • Korner: another place with great burgers and a nice bar with good cocktails. Slightly more upscale than Helvti Diner. Gartenstrasse 10,

  • Heidi & Tell: a very nice Swiss burger place where you get Gruyere cheese sprinkled on your frites. Gotthardstrasse 66,

  • Le Cedre: take a trip to the Middle East! You’ll find a great variety of mezze (small dishes for sharing) and tasty meat skewers, and you can even see belly dancers performing. Schifflände 5 (near Bellevue) and Badenerstrasse 78, EN — Le Cèdre Restaurants Zürich.

  • Tibits: enjoy a large vegetarian and vegan buffet. They have everything from salads to hummus to tasty tiramisu for dessert. Seefeldstrasse 2, near Bellevue,

  • Hiltl: another great option for vegetarian food. This is the oldest continiously operating vegatarian restaurant. Several locations in Zurich, try the roof terrase near Bahnhofstrasse,


  • BarMünster: great cocktails at very fair prices. Situated in the old town, so a convenient place to go after visiting the area. Münstergasse 30,

  • Baltho Küche & Bar: super cocktail bar with all the classics, plus new creations. The drinks menu is bigger and fancier than BarMünster, but the prices are also higher. The bartenders are super friendly and are happy to invent new cocktails just for you. Marktgasse 17,

  • Tales Bar: small and cozy old-fashioned bar serving super cocktails. Friendly and competent bartenders, just tell them what you like. Selnaustrassse 29,

  • 4 Tiere: this small gem of a bar is tucked away a few streets from Langstrasse. They specialize in gin based cocktails and have more than 200 different kinds of gin. The waiters are super friendly and attentive. Feldstrasse 61,

  • Old Crow: if you like whiskey, then this is the place to go as they have a very large selection. If you don't like whiskey, go anyway and let the expert bartenders make you a cocktail according to your taste. Schwanengasse 4,

  • Widder Bar: close to Old Crow and another great place for a whiskey or a classic cocktail. The bartender at Old Crow worked for 12 years in Widder Bar before opening his own place. They often have live piano music. Widdergasse 6,

  • Clouds: great cocktail bar situated at the top of the highest building in Switzerland. They also have a bistro where you can get a nice burger and other small things. Maagplatz 5,

  • Frau Gerolds Garten: if it's sunny, then this is a great place to visit. It's a colorful open-air space where you can get a drink and something to eat. Geroldstrasse 23,

  • Nachtflug: this bar is in the middle of Niederdorf facing a small square called Rosenhof. When the weather is good, the square is full with people sitting outside and enjoying a beer or cocktail. Stüssihofstatt 4,

  • Stubä: this little bar next is on a sidestreet to Langstrasse. It has good cocktails and great sandwiches. It can be quite full on weekends, but then you can always stand outside and have a chat. Brauerstrasse 42, http://www.stubä.ch/.


I'll be there as well (never been to a Rust event before).

@mgeisler Thats a cool list, didn't know half of them and I work in Zurich :slight_smile:

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Nice, I'm glad you like it :smiley:

I'm looking forward to meeting everybody tomorrow!

I'm keen for some dinner! Since it's raining maybe somewhere close to the venue here would be good?

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I went back to the hotel for a change of clothes but would love to join. Have you decided on a location?

We are three ppl standing at Central (Starbucks) who wants to join us for dinner

I'm at The Alehouse with @djc. It's near the venue:

I’m keen for a beer if anyone’s heading somewhere in old town after dinner.

Prime Steak House was really good tonight, but it was called Adams and from tomorrow it is being renamed to Witschi's (!). Just thought you might want to update your list...

Tartar was amazing, Kalbhaxe was pretty good too. And very friendly staff. (And the company was awesome :slight_smile: )

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Thanks for the heads-up! That's an awful lot of renaming :slight_smile: