RustFest Paris 2018 - Recordings online!

Thanks to our wonderful Video Crew from rrbone and c3voc we already published the recordings of all talks from last weekend's RustFest Paris 2018!

Big thanks to all speakers of RustFest.

All videos are available on YouTube.

Follow @RustFest on Twitter for all info.


As pointed out by @juggle-tux on my own thread, the ever-excellent, and far more privacy-respecting, CCC also hosts a full copy of the playlist, as it was RRBOne their Video-Team who did the recording in the first place, with assistance from C3VOC :heart:

Edit: also acknowledge RRBone

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To be clear: the on-site video crew was from @rrbone_net, with c3voc helping remotely :wink:

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My apologies! updated!