RustDT 0.1.0 released: a new Eclipse Rust IDE


Does this work on Linux? Debian? LMDE? Jessie?

Thanks :slight_smile:


It does work for me on Debian Jessie AMD64. I have Java 1.8.0_51.


I have Eclipse PHP 4.5 MARS (java v8) and RustDT installed from within Eclipse. All good. Creating a new Rust project within Eclipse works and produces a nice HelloWorld which I can run.

When I debug it, almost everything is there (stack, symbols, disassembly etc.) but it says it can’t locate the source for main(). Is this a limitation or is it something I can fix?


I think it might your run configuration. Here is mine:

Is it helping?


It doesn’t seem to be that - note you are showing the “Run” configuration there, not “Debug” but I don’t think that’s the issue. If you use debug can you step through the source?

Evenso, the options you have are slightly different to mine…

What I see in the debugger is…


Yes. I can. But I have to switch to, then I can set the break point on the first line of the main function and then I can click the Play button. After that the debugger stops on the break point. Is this working for you?


I have it working. Just my unfamiliarity with this. I’m not sure why it wasn’t setting breakpoints or stepping as I expected, but I can see how to get it working now. Sorry for taking your time - thanks very much for the hand-holding - its surprising how much simple encouragement helps solve problems heh! :slight_smile:


No need to apologize. Together, it is easier, better and we are stronger. Don’t be afraid to ask again. No one is force to reply anyway. :smiley:


Do you have a plan to release IDE for Rust base on InteliJ? Thanks.
Btw, I currently use sublime3.


Yeah, what was happening is that the launch configuration was stopping on the C runtime main, not the Rust source main function (these are different functions). You can disable stopping in the C runtime main on the Debugger tab of the launch configuration:

I need to fix this cause it keeps confusing users! :sweat_smile:


Yeah, you’re not using a released RustDT version, but one build from Git
source. Those build target changes are not available yet.


No, my expertise is with Eclipse only I’m afraid.
I do hope to improve Racer and other Rust command-line tools in the future though, and as such these could be of use to other IDEs/editors.


Have you had success importing projects from

I’ve encountered two problems with this. The first is that searching for repositories doesn’t find all the matches. Inconvenient but not a killer.

The second is that having imported, the files look fine, but Build Project just hangs with no progress. I’m not sure how to debug this. I was expecting it is just running “cargo build” which should just work, but maybe it needs the build configuration tweaking in some way I don’t understand, because of not picking up things in the repo’s config files perhaps.

For example. Eclipse PHP 4.5 with RustDT, mylyn Git…

Eclipse Project Pane > Import > Git > Repositories from Github > “safe_client” > Search
Choose “maidsafe/safe_client” > Finish

Eclipse Project Pane > New > Project > Rust Cargo Project
Uncheck use default location and browse to ~/git/maidsafe/safe_client and "Finish"
It converts to an Eclipse project which now appears in the Project pane as “safe_client [safe_client master]”

Project > Build Project

Shows the progress dialog for “Building project…” / “invoking ‘Rust builder’ on ‘/safe_client’” but the progress bar never moves and you have to cancel.

Manually running “cargo build” and “cargo test” in the project directory works as expected, but I don’t know why Build Project isn’t working in Eclipse.

NOTE: actually the repo cloning within Eclipse seemed not to complete when I was documenting the above example so I actually did a manual git clone and then did the
Eclipse Project Pane > New > Project > Rust Cargo Project
and then Build Project.


If you press cancel during the Build Project, does it actually work, does the build stop? If not, it’s likely this bug:

Basically the build takes ages to complete if Cargo reported a lot of warnings, like, 1000+ or so.


Feeling really stupid here :#)

It was probably working, but with no progress happening and no output it seemed not to be doing anything, until… (as a result of reading this bug report - so thanks) I clicked to the console tab, and there it was compiling and spewing out warnings etc.

So here I am debugging the maidsafe safe_client example: self_authentication…

Thank you very much for your help. RustDT rocks :slight_smile: