RustDT 0.1.0 released: a new Eclipse Rust IDE


Hello. I want to announce the first release of RustDT (, an Eclipse based IDE for the Rust language:

This IDE builds on the experience gained working on the DDT and Goclipse IDEs.
I’m still a newbie to Rust, so I’m hoping to improve RustDT as I learn more about Rust. Feedback and contributions welcome.

In related discussion, is there any command-line autocompletion tools for Rust, or any plans to develop one in the future? Something in the lines of gocode (, go oracle (, or DCD ( I would be happy to integrate such a tool with RustDT.

Category suggestions

Racer does this today, and we might add compiler support to help write this kind of tooling in the future.


Autoformatting along the lines of gofmt would be a boon.


@bruno_medeiros: Woot! Nice one. I hope you get auto-formatting and auto-complete set up :smile:


This is a tool everyone wants, but nobody has stepped up to make yet.


pcwalton started rustfmt a while ago.


Very cool!

Be sure to make GDB use the Rust pretty printers coming with every Rust installation. You can use the rust-gdb script as a reference. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding this topic.


Thanks for the info, I’ll need to try out the whole debugging thing in more depth. In the meanwhile I’ve added that to a ticket:


Check out srclib - getting rust AST data into the srclib format would mean some basic support in a variety of editors immediately.

I’m also working lang-agnositc documentation generation tools based on srclib.


Sounds like a tool following the guide at that outputs the srclib format would be a valuable addition to the ecosystem.


It’s true that he did, but it’s badly bitrotted.


Looks interesting, having AST data would allow the editor/IDE to have some basic syntax navigation features - outline, code folding. I’m saving this to look it up later when I have the time.


Eclipse doesn’t work with lldb…what a bummer… :frowning:


Dear Bruno,

Good one!!! I am practicing samples with this one and it works like breeze!

Thank you so much and enjoy.


BTW, I wanted to fix plus have a better look at the editor syntax highlighting real soon, but I just got into holidays this week, so it will have to wait…


@bruno_medeiros: Is a Heap Memory Allocation Inspection View planned in addition to the Stack Memory Allocation Inspection View (that is currently available as a debugging feature in RustDT)?


I’m not very familiar with more complex debugging features, but isn’t that what the Memory view in Eclipse does?


New release, minor improvements and fixes:


RustDT is awesome - thanks :smile: . Really looking forward to the racer integration when it’s released.


LLDB has something called the LLDB-MI , which emulates the GDB Machine Interface (the interface used by Eclipse CDT and other graphical frontends to control GDB), and as such is meant to allow LLDB to be used by Eclipse:
I haven’t been able to try it myself since there are no binary packages, one has to build LLDB-MI themselves, and my quick attempt to do so didn’t work…