Rustdoc seems to list trait implementation fns in a strange order

An example is here:

It shows

fn get_free(&mut self) -> (HashSet<u64>, u64)
Get the set of free logical pages ( also verifies free chain is ok ).

first even though it is not first either where the trait is defined or in the implementation. I cannot figure out what order the functions are listed in at all, it seems to be random!

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That might be a coincidence, because over on CompactFile the ones with cfgs still appear random, and info has ended up at the bottom despite being the second function in the impl. CompactFile in rustdb::compact - Rust

They're definitely almost ordered though, which is weirder than being completely random. It's also stable between versions. Is it the same when you build it locally?

Ah I figured it out: it puts the items with doc comments first, then all the rest.


Hmm, somewhat sensible but I've long wished for some very clear indication as to whether the comment on an trait method was an implementation-specific comment or just pulled from the trait definition.

This is useful information.

This is not.

(There are better examples of useful information in a sea of "yes I know what the trait does generally", I just grabbed the first example I found.)

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