Rustdesk 找不到本机静态库“opus”

Compiling magnum-opus v0.4.0 (GitHub - rustdesk/magnum-opus: Safe Rust bindings for libopus)
error: could not find native static library opus, perhaps an -L flag is missing?

error: could not compile magnum-opus due to previous error

编译生成rustdesk arm的so库,遇到找不到本机静态库“opus”。应该怎么处理

Is libopus installed on your system?

The system has libopus-dev installed,Did I install it wrong?

I don't really know. You could check the crate's to see how it tries to locate the library.

I would like to point out that the magnum-opus crate is some years old. Maybe the mechanism for discovering your installed libopus doesn't work well. But I don't really know.

Thank you very much. Let me look at this question again.

Perhaps someone who uses libopus or magnum-opus can help better. I have not used either yet.

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