Rustc crashing the computer after migrating to Linux Mint

After migrating to Linux Mint and installing the Rust toolchain with rustup I'm having some troubles.

First of all, trying to compile crates like iced makes rustc hoard the resources of the PC until it crashes (not even OOM kicks in!), but this doesn't happen with all the crates, in my experience this happens just in a few cases (and looks like most of them are GUI-related-?-).

And the last problem I've encountered is that I can't use CLion or VSCode w/rust-analyzer (I have VSCodium, but I don't think it matters here), the same thing happens (just without compiling, just from the analyzer!): rustc is normal, then rustc is suddenly hoarding all the resources of the computer until the desktop crashes and says something about the deps(I think?) directory being corrupt; but if I try to compile the project, everything works fine! Tried this on a brand new cargo project, and the same happens, even the corrupt directory bit if I'm not mistaken. Disabling the rust-analyzer plugin seems to solve the issue and using NeoVim without any rust-analyzer -like plugins doesn't trigger this.

So this last thing seems to be a problem with rust-analyzer? I haven't experienced anything like this in the three years I've been using Rust and I haven't found anything online related :woman_shrugging:
I hope someone can help! :grin:

Possibly disk-space related? I had some weird errors because of this and lots of programs, especially GUI programs don't handle that well.

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I have around 200GB free on the disk where the projects are and 360GB free on the disk where the OS is installed, so I think this isn't the culprit

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