Rustc can't resolve type equality when given in where clause

I'm writing an algebraic numbers library, and I've run into a bug where rustc gives only one error:

error[E0284]: type annotations required: cannot resolve `for<'a> <T as std::ops::Div<&'a T>>::Output == T`
   --> src/
602 | impl<T: PolynomialCoefficient> PolynomialDivSupported for T
    |                                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The relevant code:

impl<T: PolynomialCoefficient> PolynomialDivSupported for T
    T: for<'a> ExactDiv<&'a T, Output = T>
        + for<'a> Div<&'a T, Output = T>
        + AlwaysExactDivAssign
        + for<'a> AlwaysExactDivAssign<&'a T>,
    for<'b> T::Element: ExactDivAssign<&'b T::Element> + One + ExactDivAssign,

I'm pretty sure I missing trait bounds somewhere and/or there's a rustc bug. Any suggestions?

This Output throws it off

pub trait AlwaysExactDiv<Rhs = Self>:
    ExactDiv<Rhs> + Div<Rhs/*, Output = <Self as ExactDiv<Rhs>>::Output*/>
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I would have expected rustc to be able to resolve that since AlwaysExactDivAssign requires Output = Self:

pub trait AlwaysExactDivAssign<Rhs = Self>:
    + ExactDivAssign<Rhs>
    + DivAssign<Rhs>
    + ExactDiv<Rhs, Output = Self>
    + Div<Rhs, Output = Self>

I'll try removing the bound in AlwaysExactDiv and get back to you.

your solution does work, thanks!