Rustc beta schedule? (compilation time regression in 1.41.0-beta.1)

I have a project that compiles in a couple of minutes with both rustc 1.40.0 and a current nightly but where a build with rustc 1.41.0-beta.1 (eb3f7c2d3 2019-12-17) just keeps on running (travis kills it after 10 minutes of no more output, I have had it running for more than an hour with no result).

I believe this is caused by the problem reported and fixed in #67454, but that was fixed tree weeks ago, and there hasn't been a new beta released. I would like to verify that the problem actually is fixed before 1.41.0 is released (which I guess is expected on 2020-01-30).

So, my question is if a rustc 1.41.0-beta.2 should be expected soon, or if there is a way to formally request one?

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Relevant PR,, has been beta nominated but not yet approved. Once it is approved it'll get rolled into beta; I will likely be doing a beta rollup a couple times at least in the next few weeks.


Sounds like it's on track then. Thank you, @Mark_Simulacrum!

Rustc 1.41.0-beta.2 (965ce16f7 2020-01-14) does not fix the problem for me. Am I correct in assuming that was because was not backported in time for beta 2? Or should I report my problem as a separate issue?

Since PR #67471 is merged, github tends to exclude it from list and search results. How do people keep track of what should be backported? Is there -- or should there be -- a separate issue for backporting it?

There exists the beta-accepted label for that.


PR 67471 was approved and included in 1.41.0-beta.4, which does indeed solve my problem. All good!

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