Rustc 1.45.0 hangs when compiling criterion in release mode

When compiling the criterion crate, starting with commit 1154c045655bdf6a750d0c3a21b42824e6e996e5 rustc 1.45.0 hangs (> 12 hours). This happens on NixOS with AMD or Intel compiler. The distribution is NixOS with Rust from the master branch of nixpkgs.

git clone
cargo build --release

Here is a flamegraph (made with HotSpot) of the running rustc process of 12 minutes of running after running for 12 hours.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.


Please open an issue:

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Worked for me. This is Fedora 32 and the criterion commit is 89593658643f9a12949f99f35a6bf906cb4e43c0

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