Rust Youtube tutorials—intended to thoroughly teach Rust

About a week ago I became unemployed—sort of unsettling in a way, but it matters not. By that time, I decided I’d stick to being unemployed for a while, in order to have the time to start up a new Youtube channel, whereas I teach people various different programming languages thoroughly—with Rust as the main building block!

I’ve been teaching programming in the past—which is a reason I believe I know what I’m doing, but it’s very possible I’m wrong! Who knows. The intent for this new channel is to teach people programming languages in-depth for free.

Rust has been a big part of my life over the past years—everything in Rust seems so innocent; so beautiful, yet so simple. My hope is for more people to join the treacherous—in a good way—world of Rust programming and tell the world that it’s time to make a little more space for our beloved!

Here’s a link to the Rust playlist should anyone happen to be interested.

Any criticism from seasoned rustaceans and new ones alike would be highly appreciated—and if someone could learn the language whilst they’re at it, that would be wonderful!

Happy Rust’n!