Rust with Media pipe?

Two years ago, there was this post: Rust with MediaPipe?

GitHub - WasmEdge/mediapipe-rs: The Google mediapipe AI library. Write AI inference applications for image recognition, text classification, audio / video processing and more, in Rust and run them in the secure WasmEdge sandbox. Zero Python dependency! also looks interesting.

Question: is there anyway to use the mediapipe models from Rust (compiled to wasm32). In particular, I want to have a Rust/wasm32/Chrome app that can run mediapipe models in Chrome.

Given the title of the README from the repo you've linked, I don't think you can run mediapipe-rs in the browser, as it uses a subset of WASI which goes beyond the Web APIs you have available in your browser's WASM runtime.

The optimistic view is that this merely shows that one approach is very close to working (porting some wasi wrappers). There may or may not be other approaches that are even easier to get to work.

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