Rust Web Application using Iron Or Nickel Framework (like a website with multi-page)

Is it possible to write web application (specifically website) using Iron/Nickel and u want to use Angular JS/jQuery ?
Any example code, with atleast 2 page is good all the examples in Iron and Nickel does not look good enough to try (they too simple).

You could use nginx to host the static files (html,js,css). Then use iron or nickel to serve a rest api.

It's definitely doable. Like @ivanceras said you could use a web server to host static files or use iron-mount:

let mut mount = Mount::new();
mount.mount("/css/", Static::new(Path::new("css/")));

I wrote two small web apps for my own purpose (sorry, no fancy Angular or jQuery):

  1. SLURM inspector: (I need to update this...)

  2. Conference registration: (Currently working on this.)

The second one shows how to use some of the iron core packages: mount, router, params, persistence. It even sends an e-mail to the user via the lettre crate.

HTH, if you have any more questions, just port them here :wink:


Cool that's exactly what i wanted to see..... I will try out.. I love this community.. awesome response time!

You're welcome!

But note that this code is still work in progress, has hard coded stuff in it and is not 100% idiomatic Rust.