Rust-warp framework

Hello, everyone,

I am new here and struggling against warp framework.

I'd like to implement file uploading using warp framework.

If anyone has experience in it, I will really appreciate.


Hi, and welcome to URLO (how we affectionately call this sublime forum).

When asking a question, it is really helpful for us if you could add some of the code you are struggling with. Or in case you don't yet have any code, the concepts that you find difficult. With your question as it currently stands, I have very little to go by in devising my answer.

Normally, when you upload a file from the browser, your server gets a request with content-type multipart/form-data, with the file(s) encoded in the body. Warp has a multipart filter you can use to extract the data from your request body, so that you can save the file on your server. There is an example in the Warp repository that shows how you can use the multipart extractor. Hope that helps you get started.