Rust videoconferencing in 2020?

Surely videoconferencing is one of those “I would definitely write that in rust” apps.

What’s the state of play? AreWeConferencingYet?

Here’s the same question before:

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It could be doable.


Obviously web-rtc answers that use rust via wasm are totally in scope too.

I've had nice experience using as a regular user, but never tried interfacing it via api / rust.

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I find jitsi heavy on the small bandwidth that I have alas.

@gilescope Have you done your solution video Conferencing in Rust ?

I was wondering why there are so few videoconferencing softwares, so I'm trying to write one in Rust. This way I will learn why it's so difficult, if it is. I use uvc for webcam, scrap for screen capture, ffmpeg-next for encoding (but I'll try rav1e), glium.

My aim is something really modular, where we can easily plug filters (encryption, compression, encoding, image filters), inputs and outputs of any sort (screen, camera, file, network, window, unix pipe), to be able to use it with both central servers or E2EE P2P networks, for bidirectional chat between 2 persons or unidirectional live with dozens of spectators...


no, not found anything rusty enough yet!

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