Rust Syntax, how to?

Please, teach me how to read Rust Syntax. I always search in site but I don't know how to read APIs.

Is there any particular part you have an issue with? A question this broad isn't going to receive a very useful answer.

Do you mean how to learn Rust or how to read the documentation generated by rustdoc on ?

Yes, please. How to read the documentation and apply it?

You can start by reading The Rust Programming Language. Each chapter will walk you through different aspects of the language and syntax.

If you have concrete problems (e.g. you run into a compiler error you don't understand) then you can always ask post new topics on this forum. People are usually quite helpful if you need help and can show what you've already tried or what you think is going on.

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Thank you.

You might also try

Yes, I've encountered this while teaching Rust to a colleague of mine. Because of generics, most of the time, it can be difficult to read the API documentation. The easiest general solution is just to learn more about Rust and maybe specifically generics as that is usually what makes the API documentation hard to read IMO.

Otherwise, if you don't get what a certain portion of the docs mean, take a screenshot, paste it into a new forum topic and ask! Tons of helpful people around here will probably jump on and help you figure it out.

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