Rust Style Guide

Hi there,

I was looking for the Rust style guide. I found this here in a google search: Style Guidelines. But that does not seem to be the latest one. Through binary search trying different version numbers in the URL I found that Style Guidelines also works, but 13 does not. Is that the latest? What's the parent page? What's the canonical way of getting here?

I also found this: fmt-rfcs/ at master · rust-dev-tools/fmt-rfcs · GitHub. This seems rather short and is not answering the specific question I have come here for (how to name a method function that returns a boolean).

What is the status of either one of these? Is either one the "official" style guide?

Thank you.

Jut on the side: I guess I answer my question about the methods/functions by looking at the std library. E.g. std::vec::Vec - Rust. But my question about the style guide remains.

There are these API guidelines, though I don't think they have any suggestions for boolean functions specifically.