Rust stoped merging for over 2 days, what happened?

Rust github repo merging has been stopped for working over 2 days, anyone knows what happened?

Maybe everyone was taking New Year's off?

This seems to be the explanation:

Also in this PR thread, where the command for shuting down the testing queue was sent: Do not hash allocations to name them. by cjgillot · Pull Request #119458 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub

Some billing issue with the test runners for apple hardware.

There’s also a new rollup PR already for being run when the issue gets resolved.: Rollup of 13 pull requests by fmease · Pull Request #119516 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub


With a temporary fix of disabling the (still somewhat new, anyways) tests on apple hardware, the merging queue now is running again; we’ll see how long the catch-up for the ~50 PRs waiting to be merged will take.


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