Rust Stands at a Juncture, and Must Make an Incredibly Important Decision



These kind of debates are impossible to follow. :pensive:
There is one post every fifteen minutes, everyone has their own proposition, and every argument is subjective.

I don’t see how this is going to end, except by just ignoring everyone’s opinion and merging the RFC as it is.


I wanted to give up on following it, but there often is benefit in not giving up. For example, I noticed some consensus emerging… people don’t want function arguments indented to the same level as the opening parenthesis.

Others have been watching the debate more closely, and may have noticed other patterns. Perhaps what we can do is accept what today is regarded as consensus, which would mean trimming the current RFC a lot. Another RFC can always be written in future.


Is there a side-by-side representation of the proposals with multiple examples? Maybe with scores for length/verbosity and working well in diffs for for simple as well as for complex fns?

(I’m only half kidding.)


I suggested a solution which would not restrict anybody and keep individual formatting styles alive.

Edit: it would also mark formatting wars as deprecated.