Rust Spec and Implementations. Opinions?

Does rustc have an email client yet? Or is that still an optional toolchain component :yum:


Check out Minirust: Announcing: MiniRust


The page Learn Rust - Rust Programming Language states:

"The Reference is not a formal spec, but is more detailed and comprehensive than the book."

I would say it is pretty much a specification of stable Rust language, albeit it is probably not 100% complete or perfect.

It's not, and the holes (and occasional inaccuracies) are significant when you dive deep enough. There are also other areas that simply haven't been decided, especially around unsafe. That said, the references will probably be the basis for the spec or whatever they end up calling it.

Yeah, I was aware of Mini Rust: unfortunately it's not really a language, it's more of a specification tool. An incredibly cool tool! But it literally doesn't have a syntax, let alone any of the things on my list.

Just fyi efforts just started to write a rust specification. See this rust blog post.


OH WOW OH MY GOD WOW. This is amazing.

I'm really glad to see this also. I knew about the RFC but was afraid it would never be implemented. This is encouraging and I really appreciate the effort being made.


There's some discussion on Zulip of using Hax (formerly HacSpec 2) for the syntax: Introducing hax 🎂 | hax

Hax is able to translate a subset of Rust source code into formats which can be used in various proof environments.