rust-SeqBox(rsbx) 1.0.0 - Utility for creating robust backup archive


I am happy to announce the stable release of rsbx after months of work.

What is SeqBox?

SeqBox is a single-file archive format designed by Marco Pontello that facilitates sector level data recovery for when file system metadata is corrupted/missing, while the archive itself still exists as a normal file on file system.

You can see the official implementation here.

What/why rsbx?

rsbx adds forward error correction on top of the SeqBox format by adding support for Reed-Solomon erasure code, and also allows arranging the blocks such that burst sector errors can be tolerated.

Features overall

  • Data recovery that does not depend on file system metadata(sector level recovery)
    • This allows data recovery even when data is fragmented and out of order
  • Supports error correction(via Reed-Solomon erasure code)
  • Supports burst sector error resistance

How does this help me?

Files encoded using rsbx have much higher chance of recovery in the event of disk failure, as rsbx can extract your data without relying on file system metadata(which is likely to be corrupted at this point), and data fragmentation or even completely randomized ordering of blocks do not hinder extraction of data.

You can further increase the chance by enabling forward error correction for your SBX container.

Getting started


rsbx is available via cargo

cargo install rsbx

Getting started guide
Basic usage guide

Documentation and screencasts etc are still WIP, and more will be added in upcoming week or two.


I have just added binary releases for Linux, Mac and Windows, you can view them here.