Rust SDL2 compilation


my problem is really similar to Rust SDL2 compilation error
I am trying to compile an app and I fail, because od SDL2 dependency. The culprit is that I work on the cluster and cannot install things system-wide. Therefore I use conda to create environments. This problem is going to be recurring in the future.
I have installed SDL2 in the conda environment and the required headers are in the bin, yet I still cannot compile an app.

Text of an error:

binutils/2.37/bin/ error: cannot find -lSDL2
binutils/2.37/bin/ error: cannot find -lSDL2_ttf
astar-pairwise-aligner/target/release/deps/pa_bin-54d76215eb9043e4.sdl2-213a9432556862a0.sdl2.da9c3650f0914342-cgu.07.rcgu.o.rcgu.o:sdl2.da9c3650f0914342-cgu.07:function sdl2::sdl::get_error: error: undefined reference to 'SDL_GetError'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

How can I point Rust to proper files?


sdl2-sys has a bundled feature, which will compile its preferred version of sdl instead of using the outdated system one.