Rust reqwest, get url and text

match clnt.get(link).send().await {
Ok(g) => {
let urler = g.url().as_str();
let ress = g.text().await.unwrap();
Err(e) => {}

cannot move out of g because it is borrowed
move out of g occurs here

I cant understand what i'am doing wrong help me please

Just look at the signature of Response::url(). It's (&self) -> &Url. This means that the URL is borrowed from self; similarly, the Url::as_str() method borrows the string representation of the Url. Hence, while you have a reference to the URL string, you can't call any other moving or mutating methods on the Response. (Response::text() takes self by value, as it's evident from its signature.)

In general, it's always advisable to start by reading the documentation (including the signature) of the methods you are calling.