Rust Remove HTML tags from a String

i crawler html,but i want just content which remove all html tag.
just like

My cat is very grumpy.

and i can get the content: My cat is very grumpy. i search many html parse lib,but none sacrify me. how to do that?thanks your any suggestion!

Have you tried using an xml parsing library where you just get the Text (quick-xml) / Characters (xml-rs) events?

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not yet.i tried use reqwest get text from response,and use select = "0.4.3",but no method can get content without html tag.
i just want the method like jsoup in java,

Document document = Jsoup.connect(url).get();
String content = document.body().text();

very thanks your suggestion!

@wangyiran125 pls see similar question, I think you may find answers useful Recommendations for HTML parsing

thank you very much~

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