Rust releases on the calendar



In my opinion it would be nice to have Rust releases planned on the Calendar. I know that next releases can be computed easily (adding 6 weeks to the last one), but I think having clearly written on the calendar could help occasional users or who is not so good with calendar arithmetic. :wink:



That calendar is for community events.
is for releases.


Thank @steveklabnik for your answer.
Anyway where can I find the link to the release calendar in the Rust site? Ok, I can save the link you’ve just posted, but I was wondering if other people can find it easily.

Thank you.


At the moment it can’t be discovered from the website, but have a plan to add it soon.


It’s not currently there. We’re currently working on an overhaul of what
belongs on the site and where, itll be part of that.


Thank you!