Rust programming jobs in UK?


Hey, guys.

I really love Rust and am wondering if anyone knows how widely its been adopted in UK and if there are jobs available using it. I’ve looked and there’s a lot of C sharp jobs around and far too many, shudder, PHP jobs - but I really want to work with Rust commercially.

Sorry if this is a weak question, but I am curious.


  • Sam.

Recruitment or advertisement/commercial posts: policy? category?

There are some UK offerings at :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll take a look.


Hi stpettersens,

Having joined the company MaidSafe recently and being very new to technical recruitment I was on here to enquire if there are preferred job boards/forums that Rust engineers would use to source new roles and came across your post. My company are currently recruiting for a Rust Engineer if you are looking to work with Rust commercially -