Rust problem on unix

I am new to rust. I have used python.
I have installed rust on a Mac. I have checked to make sure that rust is installed properly. I am following the hello wold example but it appears to fail to print.
I believe I have failed to do something.

How are you running the program? Are you using cargo run? What is the code you are trying to run?

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Do you get any kind of an error message?

Thank you for your question. I do not get an error message. When I hit return nothing happens.

I purchased a book called Beginning Rust by Carlo Milanesi.
The book states on page 2 to type this into the terminal
rustic I follow the book to the exact method it describes and
Nothing happens.
What am I doing wrong

Nothing I did reply to your message

rustc just compiles your program. You need to run the executable it produces to get an output. (The executable will be called main.exe)

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On MacOS, shouldn't it be just main?

Ah, possibly. I missed that in their description

Thank you I will give it a try

Thanks for the info but nothing works. I have enclosed page 2 of the book Beginning


Hi, I have enclosed page 2 of Beginning Rust. I am following this book

Ok, you did:


and then you did:


Can you include a screenshot or copy/paste of your terminal output?

step 1 : check g++ (c++ compiler) or clang installed in you computer ,if not install it first
step 2 : Install rust from official site
step 3 : run Hello world in rust : rustc <file name>.rs && ./<file name>
step 4 : if you face any problem after restart your system like : rustc (command not found) ..
then add export PATH="$HOME/.cargo/bin:$PATH" to .bashrc in home folder

Thanks for the info but nothing works. I have enclosed page 2 of the book Beginning


I reread the chapter over again and found the answer.i was not using ./main to print hello world.
I would like to thank all those who stuck by me.

can you share the screen shot of the error message