Rust Playground

Hello there

I am new to Rust, I was doing some coding practice in Rust Playground, I was trying to get the input from the user using io::stdin().read_line(). When I ran the program, in the execution tab I am not able to enter the user input. Do I miss anything here or Rust Playground won't allow any user input?

In so far as I know, you can't read user input on the playground. When you hit "Run", it compiles and runs the program to completion, and then reports the output. There is no interactivity.

You can emulate fixed inputs. But yeah there is no interaction (and there are time and other resource limits etc).

Thanks for the reply, I did emulate the fixed inputs and it worked. So just wanted to confirm. Also wanted to know which IDE is preferred for RUST programming.

Any IDE with LSP support should work with rust-analyzer. Rust-analyzer provides a lot of IDE functionality for rust.

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