Rust playground, a comment on the website redesign

The Rust Playground is a very useful tool in many ways. I frequently use it to help me understand the nuances of this complex language that I haven't been able to get from the documentation.

The original website placed the Playground on the home page, which I thought was great. This is not the case with the new website, nor is there a link that I have found to the Playground on the home page. You somehow have to guess that it will be found on the Install page, which has a "getting started" link, which takes you to a page that has a link "Try Rust without installing" right under the title "Installing Rust"!

If you are still with me, this is where the Playground will be found, 3 non-obvious clicks from the home page, where it was zero with the original site.

And the page holding the link to the Playground has the title "Getting Started" in large bold font at the top, confusingly similar to the Learn page, which has the subtitle "Get started with Rust" at the top and which has no links to the Playground or anything else involving installing or not installing.

I hope this will be taken as intended -- constructive criticism. I think Rust is a valuable contribution to the art of programming languages, but it is, of necessity, a difficult language to learn. The aspects of the new website design I've discussed here add to the difficulty; unnecessarily, in my opinion.


I agree.

Yet I do not think that embedding it to the very first page will fit the current design (I don't know if that's what you were suggesting).

I suggest adding a "tab" Try online: a link on the top right nav bar.

That "getting started" page is also a prominent button on the homepage. I agree about the "try without installing" being under the "installing" title once you get there. Perhaps this could be formatted as a visually distinct side-bar style box on that page?

Hi. You can look at :

I don't really care whether the Playground is on the home page or not. I just think it should be easy to find, which is not the case now.