Rust Paid/ Un Paid tutorials

What are some good Rust paid/free tutorials. Other than Udemmy. I will prefer a video tutorial that take a project along the way.

What kind of Rust project are you looking for? Async/await for web servers? Command-line tools? Wasm in browsers? GUIs? Games? Something else?

Command-line tools for now. I will explore other areas later on.

How is Getting started - Command Line Applications in Rust for learning command-line tools?


You might also try GitHub - rust-unofficial/awesome-rust: A curated list of Rust code and resources. It is an excellent source of tutorials and more.

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If you would like to relax and have someone explain things Ryan Levick has an excellent series of tutorials on YouTube:

Jon Gjengset has a series of presentations from a more advanced point of view: Crust of Rust - YouTube
Jon also has some full scale coding sessions where he walks you though building substantial programs in Rust.


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