Rust open source project

I hope this question is relevant to this forum.

I am learning rust these days and now I have enough knowledge to work on some small rust project. I want to contribute to any crate. If some one is working on some open source project, please give me a change to work with you for my learning and for betterment of this community.

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To find open source projects that are looking for contributions, check out the Call for Participation section in This Week in Rust.


You can find the topic where people submit Call for Participation requests to This Week in Rust here on URLO:

(so you don't need to wait till Friday for the next TWiR issue and can start contributing right away :slightly_smiling_face:)

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You can help me with this: Implement objdump output format · Issue #174 · pacak/cargo-show-asm · GitHub

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